At home

  1. Take a few 10-minute walks or bike rides during the day.
  2. Use an exercise DVD for a little while in the morning and a little while in the evening.
  3. Turn up the music and dance while you vacuum.
  4. Take a 10-minute dance break with your young children.
  5. Push the lawn mower or rake leaves.
  6. Give the kitchen floor a good scrubbing.
  7. Wash the car, clean the garage, or wash windows.
  8. Play Frisbee, hopscotch, or skip with children.
  9. Walk or bike to the shops.
  10. Walk the dog.
  11. Read the newspaper on a stationary bike.

At work

  1. Use your commute to do some extra walking. Park several blocks away, or get off the bus a few stops early.
  2. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, at least for a few floors.
  3. Suggest holding meetings with colleagues during a walk inside or outside the building.
  4. Go the extra distance when possible: Get your coffee on another floor (use the stairs) or use the restroom that’s the farthest from your office.
  5. If you need to speak to a coworker, walk to that person’s office or station rather than using e-mail or the phone.
  6. Use your morning and afternoon breaks to take quick 15-minute walks.