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There are many different types of headaches with a variety of causes and they can be extremely disruptive to everyday life.  Headaches may be due to tension, postural issues or joint pain from the neck that refers into the head and facial muscles.

At PhysioXtra our therapists have the skill and experience to diagnose your particular headache, treat the cause of the problem and work with you to a pain free solution.

Many people who suffer from continual or regular headaches rely on medication to relieve the pain, however, this only masks the problem instead of solving it.

Pain which can be felt in the head or face which is referred from the neck is called a Cervicogenic headache ie. ‘generated by the neck’.  The nerves from joints and soft tissues of the neck link directly with the part of the brain associated with headaches.

Symptoms caused by cervicogenic headaches can include

  • Pain that gradually becomes worse throughout the day or with neck movement. Most commonly felt across the forehead or above/ behind the eyes.
  • Can either be a continual dull ache or intermittent sharp stab
  • Pain/tenderness at the base of the head, where it meets the neck
  • Pain that persists after your doctor has checked for other causes

 If your headache isn’t the result of age or degenerative conditions, a fall, motor vehicle accident or direct trauma to the head it’s likely to be the result of one of the following:

  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive activities
  • Work related stress

Thankfully these headaches can be managed with physiotherapy techniques to achieve effective and lasting results.

At PhysioXtra we will identify the source of the problem to alleviate your pain and then we will make recommendations as to the ongoing management plan.  These recommendations may include joint mobilisation and massage, stretches and specific exercises.