It’s about this time in the winter sporting season that we begin to see what we call ‘fatigue injuries’, particularly related to hamstrings and soft tissue issues.

The list of potential hamstring difficulties is frustratingly long, with hamstring strains, ‘pulls’, tendinitis, and tightness the most common problems. So why are hamstring troubles so common? Hamstrings rely on strength and speed but at this stage of the year it is recovery that is most important. Recovery encompasses all things from nutrition to rest. Rest is a key component to getting the body right at this stage of the game.

It is also really important to free up tight / stiff areas such as lower back, gluteals and the hammys themselves. Your physiotherapist will include massage, back mobilisation and gluteal release (with dry needling) as part of their treatment program. In addition to this they will provide advice on lighter exercises to assist with recovery and then recommend ongoing preventative exercises.