PhysioXtra Rehab Centre – empowering individual performance.

Who are we?

The Rehab Centre is part of the wellknown Physioxtra group and employs physiotherapists and occupational therapists who have a particular interest in rehabilitation for people of all ages who may have conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, or other neurological disorders resulting from traumatic brain injury, stroke or spinal cord injury.

Our Physiotherapists are passionate about helping clients learn how to make their bodies work efficiently and assisting families to discover how they can incorporate therapeutic movement activities into their family member’s everyday life. Our staff continue to witness the exciting opportunities that the new technology provides for people of all ages to learn and practice correct walking patterns.

Collaborative Care

Our Collaborative care approach ensures the patient’s well being is always at the centre of our care.  This enables our physiotherapists to develop a Care Plan that is individualised to our patient’s specific needs, environment and care supports.  The Care Plan is developed to address the multifactorial barriers which prevent the patient from achieving their optimum physical function.  Communication of the Care Plan with all relevant parties is essential to maximise patient care and outcomes. The Care Plan will be specific to the individual patient and may include various resources that the PhysioXtra Rehab Centre provide.  Our physiotherapists use valid and reliable outcome measures to record the patient’s progress and towards achieving their treatment goals.  No Care Plan will commence without the approval of the relevant people.

The Lokomat will be housed at PhysioXtra Norwood at 110 Magill Rd, Norwood.  Bookings for the Rehab Centre, including Lokomat can be made by calling 08 8132 1233.

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