Dr. Mark Ralfe (PhysioXtra Marion – Sports Medicine Doctor)

Dr Mark Ralfe is a sports medicine doctor with a Masters in Sports Medicine. Mark has been an SANFL doctor for over 10 years, helped the Adelaide Lightning for two seasons as well as the 1997 Australian Women’s lacrosse world cup team.

As a sports doctor, Mark can provide expert care in diagnosing acute and chronic sports and exercise injuries and the best way for the player to get back to playing sport or returning to exercise in the shortest possible time. Getting back to exercise may be through seeing a physiotherapist, an orthopaedic surgeon or by simple home exercises. Sports doctors also have a high level of knowledge regarding exercise physiology for fitness, nutrition, biomechanics, sports psychology and weight control advice.

Six years ago Mark finished a Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis and has been using these techniques in elite and top level amateur players from a variety of sports to improve their sports performance.

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