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PhysioXtra has extensive experience in dealing with all sports injuries through our association with elite athletes from various teams and sports, including the Adelaide Football Club, Adelaide Thunderbirds, Contax Netball Club, SASI, Glenelg, Norwood and South Adelaide Football Clubs and numerous amateur clubs.

We work closely with you and if required your referring doctors/trainers to provide the latest advice and treatment techniques to ensure a quick return to the field or court. PhysioXtra has a broad range of services and resources that will be available to you, our sports physios provide the ultimate in injury management.

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Sports Medicine

Sports Doctor’s provide expert care in diagnosing acute and chronic sports and exercise injuries providing the best way for the player to get back to playing sport or returning to exercise in the shortest possible time. Getting back to exercise may be through seeing a physiotherapist, an orthopaedic surgeon or by simple home exercises. Sports doctors also have a high level of knowledge regarding exercise physiology for fitness, nutrition, biomechanics, sports psychology and weight control advice.

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